Toyota and Honda are the two major Japanese automakers that are competing with each other.

Building a New House in the Philippines
Building a New House in the Philippines

Car Comparison Between Toyota Cars and Honda Cars

The Difference Between Toyota and Honda
The competition between Toyota and Honda has been going on for almost 6 decades. Both of these Japanese manufacturers are doing their best to get the best results out of limited resources. Both companies are also doing their best to achieve the number one position with the range of products that they have manufactured until now.
The Background of the Competition
Toyota was established in 1937 while Honda was established in 1948. Toyota is the world’s largest automaker in the world today, while Honda is the sixth largest automaker in the world. Honda has the distinction of having launched the Acura, the first luxury brand from Japan, in 1986. Toyota, on the other hand, owns the Lexus and Scion brands and is a major stockholder of Daihatsu and Hino Motors.
Both companies have a wide range of products for people with different needs, from mini cars, to a wide range of SUV, and MPV. Toyota Century Royal is the official state car of the current emperor of Japan. Camry is the Toyota product that is in active competition with Honda Accord and Acura that are all executive luxury cars.
Both Honda and Toyota are making eco-friendly vehicles and are also working on projects that can use alternative forms of energy instead of fossil fuels. Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are the vehicles that work on hybrid electric technology.
Honda is currently working on developing hydrogen fuel cell technology. Honda FCX Clarity is the vehicle that is using that fuel cell technology.
Financial Matters
Toyota has a market revenue of $208.995 billion with an operating income of $4.69 billion. On the other hand, Honda has a market revenue of $120.27 billion with an operating income of $2.34 billion. 1,770,149 Toyota vehicles were used in the U.S. in 2009, while 1,150,784 Honda vehicles were used in the U.S.
Similarities and Differences
The product lineup of both Honda and Toyota caters to people with various needs. The following points should be noted:
? Honda is making more user friendly and economically friendly cars for a price tag that is a little higher than Toyota.
? The automobile development team of Honda is trying to develop alternative fuel cars in order to lessen the dependence of people on fossil fuels.
? Honda is catering to road and pedestrian safety programs in addition to passenger safety.
? Honda has implemented more initiatives than Toyota.

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