A manual transmission car is usually more complicated to drive than a car with automatic transmission.

Building a New House in the Philippines
Building a New House in the Philippines

Car Comparison Between a Manual Transmission Car With an Automatic Transmission Car

The Difference Between Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission
All cars come in as variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but only a few things really differentiate one from the other. One of those major differences is how the car actually drives. This is, of course, determined by the parts, but sometimes more importantly, is whether it’s a manual transmission car or an automatic transmission car. An automatic transmission car is one that you simply press down on the gas pedal to drive, while a manual transmission car requires you to change the gears manually, using a clutch pedal and gear shift.
One of the most important factors when choosing a car is how you feel while driving the car, as well as how well you can handle the car. For more passive drivers who are not interested in learning how to coordinate the clutch pedal and gear shift, an automatic transmission car is more suitable. The manual transmission car has several gears, each with its own range of speeds, so the handling is more complicated and requires more attention while driving. When using a manual transmission car you have to be able to control the steering wheel more than with an automatic transmission car, because it is generally more powerful. On the other hand, the steering wheel of the automatic transmission vehicle is easier to handle, even when driving at fast speeds.
An automatic transmission car changes the gears automatically, no matter how fast you go, without the need for intervention from the driver. The transmission of an automatic transmission car is built differently from a manual transmission car. With a manual transmission car, you have to select the gear to use depending on the speed of the vehicle. For example, you start the start on first gear, and when the speed reaches 10-15 mph, you have to switch to the second gear. After reaching 15-20 mph, you have to switch to the third gear, etc. When your speed slows down, you have to reverse the process. A manual transmission car requires more concentration and attention to the speed you are travelling in order to be able to decide when to shift gears.
Some cars come in both automatic transmission and manual transmission models. For cars with the same make and model, manual transmission equipped cars are usually several hundred dollars cheaper than an automatic transmission-equipped car.

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