Comparions of electric and conventional cars

Building a New House in the Philippines
Building a New House in the Philippines

Car comparison of an Electric Car with Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

Electric cars are significantly more expensive than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles and hybrid vehicles due to the additional cost of their lithium-ion battery pack, but with mass production, battery prices are going down and are expected to drop further. An electric car have more benefits over conventional internal combustion engine automobiles, one better car comparison is that electric cars reduces air pollution, because there is no tailpipe electric cars do not emit harmful pollutants form its source of power when it is running, It makes clear that electric cars are, indeed better for the environment.
Cars with internal combustion engines are considered to have indefinite range, very quickly, refuelling is not a problem while most of the mileage-related cost of an electric vehicle can be attributed to the maintenance of its battery pack, and its replacement, compared to a gasoline car that has hundreds of parts in its engine, electric cars has only 5 moving parts in its motor. Electric cars often have less maximum range on one charge than cars powered by fossil fuels, and they can take considerable time to recharge.
Along the lines of ""easier to maintain"", an electric motor is likely to last much longer, for example, in an automotive application, than an internal combustion engine (ICE). An EV traction motor may very well last 1,000,000 miles, versus perhaps one quarter of that for most ICEs. While it's true that current EVs tend to use batteries to power the motors, and batteries may need to be replaced at a comparable interval to an ICE timing belt, an EV with a new battery is going to run much more like a new vehicle than an ICE with a new timing belt. The regenerative braking associated with the electric motor will also prolong brake life.
Electric motors are more quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles, Noise pollution can be a problem, so it is better to have a quieter car, but some are thinking ,what about pedestrians? Are they safe with quieter cars? There are some studies in the US concerning pedestrian accidents with hybrid cars, the hybrid vehicles had a 40% higher rate of pedestrian accidents than non-hybrids. However, the study did not correct for the fact that in the US, hybrids tend to be owned by city-dwellers, and the rate of pedestrian accidents is twice as high in cities vs. rural areas, for all cars.

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